Neel, Impudite of Technology

Neel, Impudite of Technology, Demon of FANTASTIC Energy Use!


Corporeal: 3
Strength: 1 / Agility: 3
Ethereal: 4
Intelligence: 4 / Precision: 0
Celestial: 5
Will: 4 / Perception: 1


Impudite of Technology
Demon of FANTASTIC Energy Use
Glasses imbuing DOUBLE ESSENCE MADNESS — for Celestial Uses Only!
Balseraph of Technology Attunement
Reality-Based Impudite
A Giant Sentient Hat
Amazing Hacker
Inhuman Patience
Endless Cynicism
Cursed Laptop of Hacking Madness
Infernal iPhone


+5 Computer Science
+4 Academics — Exposition and Knowledge Dumping
+4 Academics — Research
+3 Running Away
+3 Song of Motion
+3 Dodge
+3 Rapport
+2 Guns
+2 General Engineering — Fixing Stuff
+2 Empathy/Reading People
+2 Deceit
+2 Science!
+1 Lab Work
+1 Opening Up
+1 Boundless Knowledge — Video Games
+1 Song of Charm
+1 Song of Light
+1 Song of Shields


Scientific Genius,
Scientific Invention,
Weird Science,
Mad Science,
Personal Gadget (Evil Laptop, Uses Mad Science, Super Codebreaker, Never Needs Power)

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